Magnetic Float Type Level Transmitter

Operating Principle

Reed switches arranged with a certain pitch inside a pipe as shown
on fig. 1, activated by means of the magnet inside float, the detecting
circuit electric equivalent to the potentiometer is constituted.
By adjusting the size and power of the magnet inside the float so
as one or two reed switches could be operated in any time.
Resolution of the potentiometer would become1/2 of the pitch of
the reed switches. Consequently, when the pitch is 10mm, a
resolution of 5mm can be obtained.
A necessary accuracy can be ensured in the FLT-100 series by
modifying the pitch of the reed switches and the divided number of
the measuring range conforming with the total measuring range.


Consistent accuracy regardless of the tank depth.
High accuracy.
Service-proven reliability.
Simple installation.
Magnet-float type in which the construction is simple.
The maintenance is easy.
Only single 2core cable.
Wide measuring range.


Level measurement continuously indicates the actual level and can provide an analogue and digital indication as well as operation of switching contacts predetermined levels.
Typical applications are the measurement of water, H.F.O, D.O, L.O,
Vegetable oil, and others.