Two-colors type level gauge


Two-colors type level gauge

Feature of two colures water level gauge

1). Distinct water level:

The water level is markedly distinct and confirmed from far distance since as illuminator is fitted at the rear of water level gauge by which visible surface is separate into two sections; one is red stream space and green boiler water.

2). Correct water level is indicated always:

As the two-colors separate based of the principal of optical science. Normal water level can be indicated always even in an instantaneous variance of water level.

3). Remote observation possible:

The water level appeared on the visible surface can be transferred to the operation (Control) room by fitting several reflex mirror (to the most convenient place for an operator to watch).

As the most improved method television observation is utilized. Therefore, we have also researched and developed that water level gauge suitable for television observation, and obtained good experimental result by changing filter glass of two colors (red and green) and employed in great number.

Transparent – two color type level gauge

Body of the two color type gauge are V shaped at an angle, in order split light from illuminator (install behide the gauge) into colors which are green and red.


Size of glass No.6 – No.9

Max pressure: 150 kgf/cm2

Max temperature: Sat temperature.

Two colors multi – Port type level gauge

This multi-window two color level gauges is provided with from 5 or 7 round windows or port and is desired to handle the pressures and temperatures higher than the single window type level gauge. Impact from external pressure and heat are distributed to each of the port. There by eliminating or minimizing the glass breakage and increasing the structural durability.


Size of glass No.5 – No.15

Max pressure: 150 kgf/cm2, 220 kgf/cm2 

Max temperature: Sat temperature.