SmartMeasurment - Magnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic Energy Meter - ALMAGWP

is an inline-type electromagnetic flowmeter with flanged connections. This versatile flow sensor is available for nominal
pipe sizes ranging from 10-3000mm( ½" through 118") and can detect fluid velocities ranging from less than 0.2 to 12 mps. The ALMAGWP
comes with an easy to read OLED display and is available with a wide variety of options including AC or DC power, local or remote display,
RS485,HART, and Profibus communications or relay outputs. This broad array of options makes the ALMGWP an excellent choice for measurin
conductive fluid flow rates in many applications and industries including food & beverage, pulp & paper and industrial process control.


- Variety of liners (see ordering sheet on page 4)
- Flow Velocity range: 0.2-12 m/s
- Modbus, Hart communication, Profibus-DP communication
- Designed for clean water > 5 uS/cm
- IP68 enclosure that can be used for underground applications
- FEP Liner suitable in vacuum tube.
- High accuracy of ±0.5% of reading
- Empty pipe, current excitation and battery capacity alarms
- NIST traceable calibration certificate

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter ALMAGBAT Series

    SMC's ALMAGBAT is a battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter mainly used in water applications. The ALMAGBAT's display/converter module is
    equipped with a replaceable lithium battery that can be used for up to three years of continuous operation. The operation period can be extended by
    using a high-capacity battery instead of our standard lithium battery. Remote communication can be achieved via a base-station-type radio communication
    network system. With a centrally located base station, the coverage radius can be up to 1000 meters. Base stations within a close proximity
    (SRD mode), may operate on 928 MHz frequency. For greater distances, GPRS or CDMA mobile network communications can be used to transmit
    data to any central office. The ALMAGBAT comes standard with a rugged IP68 die-cast aluminum enclosure, which allows the device to be used
    in both indoor and outdoor applications.

    - Available in 1" - 24" (25-600 mm) sizes
    - fluid velocities; 0-50 feet/sec (0-15 m/s)
    - GPRS, CDMA and SRD radio communications
    - Designed for clean water; fluid conductivity ≥ 20 μS/cm
    - IP68 enclosure; suitable for underground applications
    - Available FEP liner suitable for vacuum applications
    - Excellent accuracy; ±0.5% of reading
    - Empty pipe detection
    - NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • Electromagnetic Energy Meter Model ALMAGEG Series

    The ALMAGEG is an in-line electromagnetic energy flowmeter ideal for conductive
    liquids. A wide variety of sizes are available to accommodate nominal pipe diameters
    ranging from ½" through 120". The ALMAGEG may be used in many applications that
    require accurate thermal energy measurement such as chilled water, hot water and
    condenser water systems. The ALMAGEG magmeter is available in a stand- alone configuration
    and may also be used with various SMC transmitter and display packages.

    - Available with a wide range of liner materials
    - Fluid Velocity range of 0-32 feet/sec, with good results for low flow applications
    - Flange-type process connections are standard; ANSI, DIN, JIS style available
    - Ideal for energy management applications
    - Non-invasive measuring technique provides low pressure loss and excellent particle tolerance
    - FEP liner available for vacuum pressure applications
    - High accuracy - ±0.5% of reading standard or ±0.2% of range
    - BI-directional measurement
    - Available with PT100 and PT1000 temperature sensors
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter Model ALMAGHP Series

    The ALMAGHP is an electromagnetic flowmeter designed to measure the flow rates of
    conductive liquids in applications with high operating pressures. The robust design of the ALMAGHP
    allows it to be used in applications with pressures in excess of 6000 psig (42 Mpa). Line sizes ranging
    from 1" to 8" (25 to 200 mm) can be accommodated by the ALMAGHP, with available process connections
    including ANSI, DIN, and JIS-type flanges. A wide selection of options are also available including
    integral or remote mounting, 110-220 VAC or 17-26 VDC power, and HART, RS485 & Profibus
    communications. The ALMAGHP's unique ability to withstand high pressures, combined
    with it's wide array of available features, makes it an ideal choice for conductive fluids.
    The ALMAGHP has been successfully used in high pressure application mainly in the oil and
    gas industries, and a variety other of industrial high pressure applications.

    - Various liner/electrode material combinations can be selected in order to achieve chemical compatibility with different fluids.
    - Capable of measuring fluid velocities of up to 10 m/s, with a high turndown ratio.
    - A variety of flange styles including ANSI, DIN, and JIS are available.
    - Suitable for high pressure operation in excess of 6000 psig.
    - IP68 protection for submersible operation is available for the flow tube.
    - Available FEP liner suitable for vacuum conditions.
    - Excellent accuracy; ± 0.5% of reading standard, ± 0.2% optional
    - Diagnostic features alert the user to empty pipe or reverse flow conditions.
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter ALMAGIS Series

    SMC's ALMAG-IS is an insertion-type electromagnetic flowmeter designed to measure the fluid velocity of conductive liquids in
    applications where hot-tap or insertion installations are preferred. This insertion mag meter is available in four standard lengths and may
    be installed in any pipeline with internal diameters ranging from 2" to 120" (50~3000 mm) and in permanent locations where cost or space
    limitations preclude the use of conventional in-line style meters. Available pipe connections include hot-tapped, DIN and NPT threads. The
    ALMAGIS is designed for use with conductive fluids including water, raw sewage, and wastewater, clarified water, RAS, WAS, primary
    sludge and cooling tower water, as long as adequate lengths of straight pipe are available where the sensor is installed.

    - Applicable sizes: 2"~120" (50~3000 mm)
    - Operating pressure: ≤ 1.6MPa
    - Velocity range of 0.5~10m/s
    - Accuracy: ±1.5%
    - Hot-tap sensor can be installed and retracted from process piping
    - Conductivity of measured medium: ≤ 20 μs/cm
    - Electrode materials: 316L, Hastalloy, Ti, Ni, Tantalum
    - Maximum distance between sensor and converter: ≤50m
    - NIST traceable calibration

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