SmartMeasurment - Vortex Flow Meter

SmartMeasurment - Vortex Flow meter

Vortex flow sensing technology relies on measuring the number

of vortex pulses generated by a bluff body immersed in the flow


A piezo-electric sensor mounted outside of the fluid flow

serves as a transducer to convert the vortex pules into electrical

pulses which are then counted and converted into usefull

engineering untis by the microprocessor in the meter's display module.

By utilizing a design that is free of moving parts and having a 

transducer that is isolated from the process fluid, the vortex

meter offers a number of advantages including low pressure drop,

long service life, good particle tolerance, and compatability with

a wide array of fluids. Vortex technology is one of the few flow

measurement techniques that is capable of measuring liquids, compressed gases, and steam. 

SMC's ALVT Series meters are avaialble for line sizes ranging from ½" through 20" and are offered with in-line flanged or wafer

style mounting as well as insertion-type with an optional hot-tap ball valve. The ALVT may be calirated for liquid, gas, or steam

service and is avaialble with integrated temperature and pressure measurement for performing compensated mass-flow calculations.


SmartMeasurment - Vortex Flow meter